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Link Building

Link building is very important for websites to increase the authority and relevance of the site in search engines, I can build it with good experience.

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SEO Content

with more than 3 years of experience writing SEO content, I already understand how to create SEO Friendly and search engine friendly articles.

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Keyword Research

I can find keywords that are relevant to the website in order to get the right results to bring visitors to the website

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Content Management

Experienced in managing content in the pikiran rakyat media network as PIMRED

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More than 2 years of experience in website optimization activities, such as content creation, content planning, link building and searching for potential keywords to bring traffic to the website.




Years driving growth



Working projects complete succesfully
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Dear will be happy to receive offers of cooperation or work in the field of Search engine optimization, if you are interested, please contact me.

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